A Hunt of the treasure – by Shivani Singh

Chals like to solve problems and he love to do an adventure. But he can’t because; he is not able to find any problem. In the morning when he was in the classroom, he found a paper lying on the floor. He picked it up and read it. It says, “the treasure will be found by the man who will solve this mystery, turn to the back for it.”

Chals can’t believe this. He was thinking that it is a dream or real life. He turned the page in excitement. “It is a map” he shouted. His friends who were there in the class came there at that moment. They asked to Chals in surprised tone, “what happened, why did you shouted so loudly?” Chals don’t want to tell them about the map but he can’t control himself and whispered in every ones ears, “this is a map to the treasure. “

His friends said to him “we will also come with you; we will not stay here alone.” Chals can’t say them no so he allows them all. His friends were only five and now Chals added so they became six. How will they do it? Are they going to leave it? They started their adventure after their school bus dropped them to their home. They met each other near a big Banyan tree so there they can make their plans.

Keti said “This adventure is starting from our playing garden. “. “And it says that we have to dig the ground so that we can reach this mark” added Sevil.

Leera asked “What do you think about that mark, can anybody guess it?” “Mmmmmm…….I think that this is another map to the treasure.” Guessed Jackytog. Julie answered “Yes it can be but Chals how will we do it, we don’t know a little thing about it.”

“Stop it Julie, why are you not letting us up, you are putting us down, you should try ones a thing, if you can’t do it so don’t do but try ones” Pleaded Chals.

“Okay okay now please start making your plans.” “You can’t understand anything Julie” said Chals.

“Hahahaha” everybody laughed.

They started making their plans and finished it in one hour. Then they went to their play ground and start to dig it up. After digging a whole evening and a half night they found a hard thing under the ground. They started digging it up with their hands. Then suddenly they found a big and fat pipe. They saw a big cap of the pipe and also saw a space to open it. They all started to push it open but it can’t. They try it ones more with sticks and their hands. And at last it opened. They saw a long, dark and scary passage. “O…O…oh m…M…my g…g…god, it’s so dark and scary” stammered Keti.

“Yes it is but don’t get scared, it is only dark inside not scary and we have torches also” Explained Chals.

They went inside the pipe very quietly. They kept walking and walking but didn’t find anything inside. But suddenly they saw a pink light shining in the corner.

“I don’t want to go there Chals” said Leera.
“Okay sit here while we five will go there and find out what is it” replied Chals.

Then they all except Leera went there. They came there and where almost going to know what is it. Then Sevil shouted “It is a box.”

Then Leera also came with them and they all start to open the box. Suddenly the box opened and you can’t believe that the box was filled up with coins.

They all shouted “Coins, I can’t believe it.” They excitingly give a tight hug to their friends and one more thing you know that Chals love to do an adventure. You only think how Chals would be feeling now.


Story submitted by,
Name: Shivani Singh
Class: 4th
From: Indore, Madhya Pradesh


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