Crow, deer, jackal – friendship story

There was a small jungle in which a crow and deer were friends. The deer was so beautiful and huge; a fox always wanted to kill and was seeking the right time for it. But, if anything (or) anyone comes near the deer, the crow will alert the deer by making its sound “Kaa…..Kaa”.

One day, the fox with full of fresh grass, came infront of the deer and offered towards it. The deer was confused and at the same time, it was so surprised. It asked the fox why it is offering the grass. The fox told “Yesterday, I saw your leg was struck by the throne. I saw even the crow taking out it from your leg. Since, you could feel the pain; I took some fresh grass for you. Accept me as your friend”. The deer did not know what to say and stood in silence; after the poisoned words of the fox, the deer accepted it as its friend and accepted the grass too.


The fox left that place thinking that it has won over the deer and it will soon fall as its prey.

The crow was seeing all this and questioned the deer! “How can you accept him as your friend? I think he is making a plan for you to eat!” The deer answered “Never see in the wrong way always. Like how you are so close to, he is also offering me with grass. He may be good”.

The crow stood in silence and thought “Oh poor deer! You are now surrounded by the cunning plan of the fox”.

Thinking of it, the crow left that place but at the same time, he did not stopped following and helping the deer.

The cunning fox was taken up a by a hunter. It used to pretend like being friends with other forest animals and get them towards the place of the hunter. The hunter kills those animals and gives some part to the cunning fox.

One day, the fox went to the deer as said “Hi friend ! come with me I’ll take you to a place where you can find some fresh grass. You would have never eaten the fresh grass like that”! falling into the cunning words of the fox, the deer got trapped by the hunter.

The deer with tears thought, about the words of the crow. The crow went in search of the deer and finally saw the deer being trapped by the hunter.

The crow said, “Ok my friend! Don’t worry. I’ll help you in getting out. You pretend like you are dead and I’ll just poke you with my nose. The hunter will come to take the net and that you run at a great speed.

The deer followed exactly like the way the crow said ; the hunter came towards the deer and opened the net. The crow gave the signal to the deer and at once, the deer started to run. On seeing the deer running out from him, he threw a long stick on the deer, the stick hit the head of the fox instead of hitting the deer. Since, the stick was too heavy, the fox died at the place at once.

Both the crow and the deer escaped from that place and led a friendly life.

Moral: Think of the crow! It used to be friend for always. It gave the good advice for the deer and also it warned the fox. Never feel in to the prey of any others who speak with the honey – dew words as they may be danger at any point of time.

Be careful in selecting your friends. Your friends are one among the great persons who will be always with you not only during the time of happy also during the time of danger. And also the true friendship will never expect anything in return.