Dishonesty is our enemy – by Farha Sehrawat

A story tells that never tell a lie to anyone and you should be honest otherwise you can have to regret to that for your whole life. Let me tell you a story related to this topic.One upon a time there was a girl. Her name was

One upon a time there was a girl. Her name was Dhanvi. She was 19 years old. She was a lier. Every time she spoke a lie and she was not honest. Her father was very rich. In her house, there were maids and servants. She did nothing by her own. Every work was done by her maids. One maid’s age was 25. If Dhanvi did any mistake she blamed her maid. The maid was threatened by Dhanvi that she will be killed if she said truth. If Dhanvi got angry she would give poison to one of her maid. That’s why always in the kitchen she kept her poison bottle in the secret drawer. In that kitchen only Dhanvi and her maids went.

One day there was a competition in her house. The competition was that the girls whose age is 19-25 years have to make food. The one’s food which is the tastiest will be declared as the winner of the competition. The maid whose age was 25 knew that how to bake food. She was doing preparation for the competition. She wanted the win the competition as the money in prize would help her family to survive. Dhanvi’s father advised her daughter to do preparation of the competition and participate in it as the winner would get Rs. 2,00,000 as a prize. Dhanvi also wanted to participate in the competition but she worried because she didn’t know to bake the food. She thought of a plan. She ordered her maid to make food for her so that Dhanvi can win otherwise the maid will be killed. The maid was very upset because she wanted to win and Dhanvi will not let her to win.

The competition was after 2 days. When the competition day came the maid baked the food. Other girls also baked food well. When the judge tasted every girl’s food he liked the food which was baked by the maid and he thought that this girl should be the winner. When he asked that who has made this food the maid was about to tell that she has made it but suddenly Dhanvi came and said I have made this food. The maid came to know that she should remain quiet otherwise it would not be good for her. So she remained quiet. Dhanvi’s father was proud of her. Her father said to her that I will eat the food made by you the day after tomorrow.

Then the after tomorrow, Dhanvi ordered her maid to bake the food. The maid was baking the food. She saw the bottle of poison. She didn’t know that it was poison. She thought that it is the bottle of spices. She mixed the poison in it. When Dhanvi’s father, her mother and her sister ate the food, they praised Dhanvi. After some time they all fell down. Dhanvi thought and came to know that there was poison in the food. Now Dhanvi was feeling very bad and I said in the starting that a lie can make you regret for your whole life.

Moral: We should be honest and never tell a lie at any time to any one.


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Name: Farha Sehrawat
Class: 6th
From: Hariyana

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