Greenery is our Earth – by Anshika Agarwal

Once there was a girl name Rita. She was a very pretty girl. She lived in a village. She lived with her grandmother. She was very fond of flowers every day she gave water to flowers.
Flowers said to Grandmother, “thank you for giving me good plenty of water, sunlight and air. Butterflies also come to suck honey from me because I am beautiful because of you.”
“No,” said mother “it is Gods Nature that is why it is beautiful.”
Rita came to her grandmother and said “Grandma Come with me; I want to show you something”,
“That is a surprise”,
when they came in to the garden the grandma said “oh my girl you planted these seeds?”
“Yes grandma I planted these seeds”,
“very pretty” grand ma said.
Grand ma was just walking, Rita call out Grandma “Stop. I want to say something to you more.”
“See this flower it seems like it is very sad I have remembered first I plant this seed every day when I plant another seed I saw that it was sad.”
“Ok” grandma said “let ask her what happened her.”
When they walk in the garden and what they see. Avery bad boy was teasing this flower and plucking it. Grand ma and the girl were very angry. They said “boy why are you teasing this flower, what happened to you these are my flowers.”
One flower said “what happened to you. These are not your flowers they are belong to them and the God.”
The boy was very angry and ran into his home. “Grandma Can I go to play in the park.”
“No” said Grandma “come with me and sit on the rocking chair and drink some milk.”
“No, I do not want to drink milk.”
After some time once again some noise was coming. “Help! Help!”
It is not the noise of the tree. The girl and the grand ma ran towards the garden.
“You are the same boy who came in the afternoon.”
“Yes I am the same boy that came in the afternoon.”
“Hey you bad boy why are you teasing the plants again.?”
“What do you mean by saying this, these are my trees.”
One Tree said “that is not true. They do not belong to them but they belong belong to God.”
The boy was very angry, just cutting the tree stem.
Grandma Said “You bad boy stop cutting this tree. What wrong does this tree said? They are not mine but they are also not yours. They belong to God. We are just planting the seeds and giving them plenty of water, sunlight and air. This is a nature. God makes so beautiful flowers. Do you know that? These are also a kind of living thing.”
The boy was felting very sorry to him. He was ashamed about himself. Now he understood greenery is our earth. He said sorry to everybody and went back his home and Grandma Smiled.  🙂



Story submitted by,
Name: Anshika Agarwal
Class: 3rd
From: Punjab


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