Heart won over Mind – by Shubham Gupta

8 boys were standing on a track for racing.
Ready! Steady! Go!
With the sound of a pistol shot, all boys started running.
Hardly had they covered 10 to 15 steps when 1 boy slipped & fell.
He started crying due to pain. When the other 7 Boys heard him, all of them STOPPED running, STOOD for a while, and turned BACK & RAN towards him.
All 7 Boys LIFTED that boy, pacified him, joined hands together, and walked together & reached WINNING post.
Officials were shocked. Many Eyes were filled with tears.
ALL participants were Mentally Retarded.


What did they teach us?
Teamwork, Humanity, Sportsman’s Spirit, Love, Care, & Equality.
We surely can NEVER DO this, because…
We have Brains….
We have Ego…
We have Attitude
We are hi-tech crowd studying quantum physics and also now quantum biology, we are busy inventing pizza cutters!!
But some are being human and we call them ‘retarded’ & yes they are fools because they aren’t like us. They are rare people. 🙂


Story submitted by,
Name: Shubham Gupta
Class: 8th
From: Uttar Pradesh

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