I got to hug my Mom and my Grandma again today. It felt so good that for a moment my heart leapt for joy and my eyes filled with tears. In that second the whole world was full of love and the Earth felt like Heaven. Then it was over, because I awoke from my daydream. 

You see, my Mom and my Grandma both died years ago. I enjoyed every hug we shared over the years they were alive, but now I see I didn’t hug them nearly enough. I don’t know why I kept my arms and my heart closed so many times over the years. I don’t know why it took me so long to realize that you can’t take love or life for granted. If I had it to do over I would have hugged them a dozen times a day, every single day they were with me.

If I could have those moments back I would have followed the example of my own son who gives me more hugs everyday than I can count. I would have taken the lead of my son’s childhood friend too. She may be confined to a wheelchair but she can still hug your heart out with the squeeze of her hand or lift your spirits with a smile that is brighter than the noonday sun. If I could live those years again I would do so with my arms, my heart, and my soul wide open. 
Thankfully, God in His love gives us a lifetime to learn from our mistakes. I can’t live those years again, but I can live today. I can love today. I can share a hug today. My Mom and Grandma may have left this world, but in my heart and soul my arms will always be around them. 

I hope that you share a few hugs yourself today. I hope that you hang a sign on your heart that says,”two arms, no waiting.” I hope that you give your love to all those around you. I hope that you shine a smile to everyone you meet.Life is short. Time flies. Our days here are brief. Don’t pass up a single chance then to love, to share, to help, and to hug.