In a small town of Australia.. there was a carpenter who used to make wooden huts (homes) for a builder..

everyday he(carpenter) used to complain about the work load he get and at the end of day he gets so tired that he don’t give 100% determination in making huts.. and works just for sake of working..



One day in the evening when carpenter had finished his work, the builder asked the carpenter to start with new hut and asked him to complete it within same day..

It was order to him so he(the carpenter) did it in hurry of leaving.. but not with determination and dedication..
he made a very bad and unstable hut.. and submitted job to builder..

The builder said : well.. this hut is gift to u from me.. enjoy living.


carpenter realized.. for himself he made so bad hut, and he was feeling so low and then decided that whatever he will do in future he will do it with 100% determination and dedication..