Neighbour’s dirty laundry

A young couple moved in to their newly bought house. One morning, young wife looked out her window at her neighbor’s laundry hanging on the line and began making remarks about how dirty the laundry still was.

neighbour's laundry

Days went by, and still the neighbor didn’t learn how to clean her dirty laundry properly. As time went by, every day when the neighbor hanged the laundry, young wife continued to complain: “Hadn’t she heard of bleach?  Was she using cheapest detergent? Worse yet, wasn’t she aware of the fact that everyone would see the dingy towels hanging on the clothes line.” All this time, the husband was silent and it seemed that he was not interested in this issue.

One day, wife woke up and noticed that the neighbor’s laundry looked different. It was clean, practically sparkling in the early morning sunlight.  Delighted, she mentioned to her husband that her neighbor had finally learned how to get her family’s clothes clean and asked her husband to look.

Glancing out the window, her husband remarked, “Oh, I forgot to mention that I got up extra early this morning and cleaned our windows.”