personal responsibility – Nithin Krishnan

20 years ago, scientists made a research. It´s about identical twins. The father of these two brothers was an alcohol addict. 20 years later they visited the two brothers. One of them became alcoholic, like his father. The other one became department head in a respected company.

They asked them the same question: “Why do you think you became the person you are today?”

Both answered the same: “My father was alcoholic. Can you expect something else?”

The department head has seen his father as a person he never wanted to be. He has seen his father as inducement to make the best of his life.

The other one has seen his father as an excuse for his own failure. He has seen himself as a victim. He didn’t take responsibility for his life.

Moral: It doesn’t matter if we have good or bad cards. Our situation can change, it’s up to everyone of us.


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Name: Nithin Krishnan
Class: 4th
From: Telangana

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