Shiva settles dispute between Brahma and Vishnu

This has happened according to the mythological stories in my native place, Tiruvannamalai, a spiritual nerve-center in India. That place is a spiritual incubator. Just like how premature babies need an incubator to supply air and all the basic things, in the same way, for an enlightened being to land on planet earth, you need a spiritual incubator to protect and help them.shiva-brahma-vishnu-spiritual-story


The story goes that once Shiva appeared as an infinite column of light to settle a dispute between Brahma, the Creator, and Vishnu, the Sustainer as to who was greater. As per Shiva’s orders, Brahma had to find Lord Shiva’s head and Vishnu, the Sustainer, was asked to find Shiva’s feet. Whoever found their part first would be declared the greater one. The story is beautiful and it has a beautiful meaning. Who is Brahma? He is the consort of Saraswati, the goddess of knowledge. Who is Vishnu? He is the consort of Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth. The story says that Brahma started searching for the head. Vishnu started searching for the feet. Vishnu came back after some time and accepted, ‘I am not able to find Your feet; please forgive me. I only now realized that it is an impossible task!’ Brahma also realized he would not he able to find Shiva’s head. But instead of accepting the fact, he decided to cheat. He took a flower as a false witness to testify that he had touched and brought it from Shiva’s head.
You need to understand the story: Vishnu is the embodiment of wealth. Brahma is the embodiment of intellect. Neither by wealth nor by intellect can you achieve enlightenment. That is the truth of the story.