One day, a king ordered one of his servant to bring mangoes for him from the orchards.

The servant went to orchard for mangoes. But, when he saw the mangoes tree, he found that no single mango grew yet.Now, he thought if he won’t take anything for

Now, he thought if he won’t take anything for king, he will be angry. So, he picked cherries for the king.

He gave the basket of cherries to the king. The king opened the basket and when he saw cherries instead of mangoes. He became so angry and started throwing cherries on the servant face and on his other body parts.

But everytime, servant hit by the cherries, he was thanking the God. The king with surprised and asked the servant, “I am hitting you and you thanking the God. Why???”

The servant said politely, “I am thanking the God because if I brought the mangoes and you didn’t like it. Then, you would be hitting me with the mangoes and I would get hurt more instead of the pain I am getting by these small cherries. So, I am thanking God that whatever happens, happen for a reason.”


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Name: Devan Chauhan
Class: 4th
From: Maharashtra

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