The Sad Stranger – by Indrani Roy Chowdhury

On my way to school, I always see a man in pyjamas and shirt, half-bald wearing spectacles, standing behind a lamp-post, watching me keenly, until I get inside the school compound. During the time, when I return back home, I have been not able to see him, but, only just the morning, I get to see him. At first I ignored the matter. But, When it started happening regularly, I became cautious. Although his appearance were not like any kidnapper, yet clouds of doubts started arising on my mind. I did not stated anything to my parents, otherwise, they will become stressed. So, I decided to catch up this guy one day all by myself! I am always a self-confident child and never get frightened by any mean.

That day I hid myself behind an old-fashioned building at the corner of our bylane. I looked into my watch, it was 8:30 am. The stranger came just at the right time and stood behind that lamp-post as usual. After half an hour when he found that I was not there, he turned back to return and was about to cross the main road. Just when, I went near him and pulled his hand from behind. I did this because I didn’t knew his name. He was stunned to see me! But, when I angrily asked him about why he always watches me like this; he smiled gently and replied,”come with me to my house. I will tell you everything. It is just a few yards away from here”. At first, I stood still. Later, when he again requested the same, I followed him to his house. Inside the drawing room, I saw a big photo of a woman and a girl of my age, and also looking quite similar like me! The man stood in front of that photo, and started saying his story.

“They are my beloved wife and only daughter. Then years aback, both of them died in a severe plane crash, leaving me all alone to suffer. Three years before I had came here and bought this house. At first, when I saw you, I thought that you are my own daughter, but, later, when I realised the truth, I decided to watch you like this only, just to have a glimpse of my own child whom I had lost! I do this only for my mental satisfaction! only for my little piece of happiness, and nothing else! My child, I only watch you, like my own child, please don’t think me wrong!”

I understand that, I was wrong! All that it seems is not true! I felt that place immediately. My heart become heavy and my eyes were wet!


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Name: Indrani Roy Chowdhury
Class: 10th
From: West Bengal


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