TukTuk’s Holidays – by Bijoyini Dutta

TUKTUK  the toy train was very excited to go on his first vacation once he was done packing. He had an amazing Sanwich said, “good bye” to his friend, Speedy-the race car. He had not planned where he wanted to go. So, he decided take the track that goes towards the mountains. Soon he came to a fork on the track where there were no signs. TUKTUK was confused he asked a passing deer, “Hello can you tell me which track to take to reach the mountains?”

“Of course my friend” came the reply, “take the left track and follow the sun.”

TUK TUK  thanked for the advice and start moving again. He was very excited and moving really fast, then he fell of the rocks. Which meant that he could not move. He was getting really worried. Then he saw the peebles in front of him. He asked a passing deer to help him. The deer moved away the peebles for him. When he was able to move, he thanked the deer and went on his way.
And that is how he managed to get back on the track and reached the mountains and had a wonderful holiday. 🙂



Story submitted by,
Name: Bijoyini Dutta
Class: 4th
From: West Bengal


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