Winkie’s Diwali Memories – by Vojo Ray

This year “Winkie” had come to India, from New-York, with her parents to celebrate Diwali. Though they all are N.R.I., but as an Indian, as well as Hindu by religion, this year they had not lost this opportunity of celebration. As both of Winkie’s Dad and Mom, are job holders, they never get a single time to spend with her. They, always remain busy with work, but due to the little girl’s determination, they agreed to come here in their motherland. At Palam Road, in New Delhi, Mr. “Arka Gupta” means Winkie’s Daddy, is having his forefather’s house, where all three of them will stay Here, Winkie wants to share with us, some of her experience and most memorable moments of Diwali.

Our country is a land of fairs and festivals. “Diwali” or “Deepabali” or “Deepanita” is one of the most colourful and loveliest. It is also known as the ‘festival of lights’. Diwali is celebrated in the revered memory of lord Rama. He returned to Ayodhya after fourteen years of exile, on this very day. Not only this, in West Bengal, the Bengali people celebrates Diwali by worshipping Goddess Kali, on the night of “Kartiki Amavasya” or in “Chaturdashi-Yukta Amavasya”. the deity is worshipped here. Before this particular day, the eve of Dhanteras is also celebrated among Hindu people. They used to buy new utensils, crockery, show-pieces, gold and silver ornaments, too, on this very day. By these all methods, the festival is celebrated throughout the country, with great pomp and show.

A few days before Diwali, the houses and shops are white-washed and painted. They are swept clean and adorned with beautiful paintings, show-pieces and calendars. Each and every people, put on their fine new dresses. The confectioners and toy sellers decorates their shops and makes them attractive. There is a great rush at the sweet, toy and cracker’s shops. People buy sweets and crackers for their families and send them as gifts, to their friends and relatives. At Diwali night the people also worship goddess Laxmi, and pray for their health, wealth and prosperity. Then they distribute sweets to poor and beggar people. A very bad custom of gambling is also associated with Diwali. A number of people gamble on this good occation and ruin themselves. This bad custom should, therefore, be stopped immediately.

During the night of Diwali, the houses, flats and shops are illuminated with earthern-lamps means ‘pradeep’ or ‘diyas’, candles, and electrical tuni bulbs. It is a charming sight to see the markets, temples and houses, which are illuminated with twinkling upon rows of lamps and lights. Each tries to outdo the other in decoration on this holy festival. Fireworks are let off and crackers exploded.

As Winkie was totally unknown with all these rituals and customeries, that is why she is sharing all these moments with us, as all of us, are her friends too.


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Name: Vojo Ray [Brozo Ray] @BrozoRay
Class: 7th
From: Kolkata, West Bengal


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