Don’t Postpone Love

Once upon a time there were two cart-horses. They worked together for many years, pulling the cart of a peasant.

Over the years, they often argued with each other, complaining that the other was not keeping  to its side or was going just a little quickly or just a little slow.

One day, one of the two horses suddenly died. The other horse was very upset about

It realised that during all the that they had worked together, it had not even once told the other horse how much it valued its company & its faithful help in pulling the cart. Now the chance was gone forever.

The horse also reflected on all the squabbles they had. It suddenly understood that it need not have borne as many grudges, that it could have been less arrogant. In short, it realized that it had wasted all the energy that  had been available for friendship & kindness on unworthy & unnecessary thoughts & emotions.

The horse was ashamed & resolved to lead a different life in future . Whoever its new partner was going to be, things were going to be different.

But time passed, & the horse forgot. One day, it caught itself in exactly the same kind of behavior that it had sworn never to engage once again.

The horse could not understand why it had returned to its old ways.

That evening, in stable, the horse decided to seek out the peasant’s donkey, which had a reputation for wisdom among the animals.

The donkey listened t horse’s story. Eventually, it replied.”It is good that you have noticed what has happened.

If you truly want to change, this is possible; but it will, for a long time, cost you, your peace of mind. Are you prepared to accept this?” 

The horse replied that it definitely did not want to return to its old ways. Anything was better than that.

So the donkey continued,” There is one very simple, & at the same time very hard thing that you have to do.

Remember that one day, perhaps today, perhaps many years from now, you will die.”
 Remember everyday that the one next to you will die. Remember everyday that every other creature you will see, will one day die. Remember that all animals alive today are part of a wave, which will soon break & be lost on beach forever,to be followed by a new wave. No wave is permanent. The only thing that is permanent is ocean 

 There were tears in the horse’s eyes. The donkey continued,” Only if you remember death, will you become strong-willed & alert enough not to postpone love. This is my advice to you & in following it,perhaps one day you may come to know that which is DEATHLESS.