Willow Tree & Little bird- A Friendship story

 🙂  A cute story not for lessen ….just to feel 🙂 

In the middle of a large field grew a very lonely weeping willow tree. The willow was so large that its branches swept the ground. Willow tree was a very friendly tree, but he was also a very lonely tree.

One day a little bird landed in branches of the willow tree.
“Mr. Willow Tree, your branches are so nice. Could I make my home in your branches?”Mr. Willow Tree was very surprised by the visitor, but he thought it would be very nice to have a friend. “Little Bird, you are more then welcome to make your home in my branches.”
Little Bird soon made a nest between two branches. Mr. Willow tree provided shelter for Little Bird. When it rained Mr. Willow Tree was like an umbrella, when it was hot he was a nice shade, and when it was dark

Mr. Willow tree was protection to a very scared little bird.
Mr. Willow Tree enjoyed the company of Little Bird. Most ofall he enjoyed her singing. It was nice to finally have a friend. Mr. Willow Tree began to think how nice it would be to have more friends.

One day Mr. Willow Tree asked Little Bird, “Little Bird, do you like living here in my branches?”

“Oh I love it here in your branches, I never want to leave.”

“Little Bird you are a great friend. But I desire more friends. Will you go and find more friends to live with us?” So Little Bird set out to find Mr. Willow Tree some new friends. There was Squirrel and Rabbit who lived in the nearby forrest. 

There was a perfect branch at the top just right for a squirrel to make a home and very deep hole at the bottom of the tree that would be just perfect for Rabbit to hide. When Little Bird returned with Rabbit and Squirrel, Mr. Willow Tree was so excited. Squirrel and Rabbit made their home with Mr. Willow Tree and Little Bird.
Mr. Willow Tree was growing larger. He now provided more shade on hot summer days.

Soon there were new visitors to the once lonely tree. The cool shade became a favorite place for neighboring kids to play. Some times they would sit at the base of Mr. Willow Tree and play games while other days it seemed it was just a very nice place to read a book or take a summer evening nap.

Mr. Willow Tree loved to feel the children touch his branches. He enjoyed hearing their laughter. Summer days weren’t long enough and soon winter chills would fill the air. Little Bird’s songs were not heard as often, the children were gone and it was much too cold for Squirrel and Rabbit to play.

Many years passed and Squirrel and Rabbit both moved away to make families of their own. The children grew up and moved away as well, but Little Bird did not leave. Little Bird had bigger plans. 

She had once told Mr. Willow Tree that she never wanted to leave. “Mr. Willow Tree, I have a surprise for you. Look in my nest.”

High above the ground snuggled inside of her very warm nest laid four small eggs. “These will soon be my children.” Little Bird told Mr. Willow Tree. “When years have gone by and I am no longer with you my children will be here to play you songs for everyday.”

Mr. Willow Tree was very happy. Mr. Willow tree knew he had made a great friend and would never be alone again !!