Learn to Give ~Beggar’s story

One day, by the side of a beggar, a golden chariot with a divine being descended from sky. The beggar thought that he is lucky and will become rich.begger

But for surprise the divine being asked for alms. Still the beggar opened his beg to see what he had and finally he decided to give a grain that he had. When the whole day he was upset that he lost the grain.

At night as usual he opens his bag to see what he collected the whole day. To his surprised he found a gold piece in form of grain. He immediately realized he got in return for what he gave. Then he cursed himself for not giving all that he had.


Moral: “Learn to Give” the more you give the more you receive , also when u give Don’t think of getting something !! just give to make others happy and you will be happier. Never think of I’, but serve others as “WE” “Know thou that a giver is ever honored & remembered rather than receiver. Ever be a giver.”