Story of the old Missionary Couple

A couple went to Africa to serve as missionaries right after they were married. They had planned to serve only a couple of years and then return home. 
They soon fell in love, however, with the kind people they had come to help. They stayed on year after year setting up a clinic and a school,helping the people build a sanitation system so they could have clean water, teaching children to read and learn, and sharing their faith and love daily with the villagers that they cared so deeply about 
 couple (2)
Finally, after over 50 years of faithful work, failing health caused the couple to decide to come home again. They wrote to their hometown community and church to let them know when they were coming. 
After sailing several days they arrived in the port community that they grew up in. They smiled when they saw a large crowd cheering the boat as it anchored. Their smiles and hearts fell, though, when they saw that the crowd was there to cheer a local politician on the same ship.
The old man told his crying wife that he was going to ask God in prayer why after so many years of service not one person was there to greet them when they arrived home. 
He went into their cabin for several minutes then came out with a peaceful and joyous smile on his face. His wife asked him if God had said anything to him as he prayed. 
he replied. GOD said You are not Home yet!
This is something we all should remember as we journey through this life with all of its challenges, pains, and struggles. 
We are not Home yet. Home is the place where our loving Father awaits us. Home is the place where our true reward lies. 
Home is the place where the love we learned, the good we did, and the joy we shared will reside in our souls forever. Rejoice in your life here then. Love, help others and be happy.